Our Services

SEO Services

We provide Search Optimization Services for your business.  We will sit down to discuss your business, and decide the best route to enhance your SEO.  We will discover and analyze the best keywords for your business, then implement a strategy to boost your rankings, including blog creation, and on-page & off-page optimization.

Social Media Backlinks

SEO today is about social signals.  When you have social media accounts that point to your site, they will pass that authority over to supercharge your website.  This in turn may result in better Google rankings for your site.  We can send social links from many different types of social media accounts.  Check out the different packages that we offer.

Video Ranking Rentals for the Local Market

For the Dental and Optometry industries, we rank short, one minute videos for the keyword + city name.  Dentists and Optometrists have the opportunity to rent those video rankings.  You can give us your footage, or we can produce a quick video for you.  We also place your business information on the first frame of the video.  This way, it looks like a mini billboard.  These entries jump off the page and immediately catch your eye.

The video will also contain clickable text of your business information.  This will link to your website.  For maximum visibility, you can rent as many keywords as you want, and we have three, six, or 12 month rental options.

About Us

At DV-News, we specialize in Google rankings for the Dental and Optometrist fields. While we offer complete SEO and hosting services, we understand that our clients already subscribe to these services. This is why we offer the video ranking service. You can rent rankings for your keywords, with no long term obligation. Go to our video ranking page to browse the keywords that we have available to rent. If you do not see certain keywords or cities available, let us know and we will look into ranking the keywords for you.

Want to learn more? Do you have any questions about what we do?