The Bitcoin Revolution Has Started

The Bitcoin Revolution Has Started

Bitcoin - The future of moneyIf you look around, there are an abundance of methods in which to invest your money. Let’s see….theres the lottery, Megabucks, Mega Millions, and so much more.

Just kidding.

That is not a smart investment strategy (unless you are lucky).

The real money can be made through intelligent investment strategies. This includes a 401k plan from your employer, an IRA account, or individually investing in stocks and mutual funds. Overall, these investment strategies require patience because you want to take a long-term view on this. If your positions decrease for a day or two, you usually do not worry, as you have time for the positions to rebound.

There is now an additional way to invest your money, and it is has to do with technology.

This investment option is called Bitcoin.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin is an online currency that is growing in popularity….Actually growing in popularity is an understatement! If you were one of the early adopters that invested a modest amount in Bitcoin six years ago, you would be sitting on a few million dollars. You don’t believe me? Just do a Google search and see where the value of Bitcoin was in 2011 compared to the current value.

It is pretty crazy!

I am not a financial advisor by any means, but if you do a little research, you will be able to see that online currency is the future of money. I know you have heard of it, but you probably do not know much about Bitcoin in general.

Luckily, there are some trainings and webinars out there to educate the public on this growing phenomenon.

Bitcoin University is one that immediately comes to mind. They offer lessons and help regular individuals, like you and me, to understand the Bitcoin industry. This will allow investors to make informed decisions.

If you are interested in getting into Bitcoin, you may want to look into this program.