Repairing Your Aluminum Wiring in Calgary

If you are like most people, you probably do not think about the wiring setup when you are purchasing a home. In case you did not now, there are two main materials when it comes to home wiring, copper and aluminum.

Most homes feature copper wiring. It is recognized as the default home wiring method. During the 1960’s to the end of the 1970’s, homebuilders were using aluminum wiring in those older homes.

So what is the big deal, anyway?

Aluminum wiring in older homes

Well, aluminum provides better electrical conductivity than copper, so there were an abundance of homes that were built using this material. Aluminum is lighter and less expensive than copper, so you can probably see why homebuilders started using this material.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, copper was very expensive, so the aluminum revolution was born!

But as time passed, we learned that older homes that have aluminum wiring can be a fire hazard.

When did they stop using aluminum wiring in homes?

During the mid-1970’s, aluminum wiring fading in popularity, with the price of copper wiring decreasing. But now, those older homes with aluminum wiring may need repairs, due to the fire hazard issue. About 2 million homes in the US and 450,000 in Canada are affected by this problem.

So what do we do about it?

Because this type of wiring is a possible fire hazard, you may want to have it inspected and repaired to make sure your home is safe from any future issues. The one thing is that you definitely do not want to perform the repairs yourself. You will need an electrician that will do the repairs using Aronstein’s methods. These electricians are properly trained to handle all aluminum wiring issues.

Check out this video to learn a little more:


Repairing Your Aluminum Wiring in Calgary

If you are in Canada and your home was built during those “aluminum” years, you will want to consider repairing your aluminum wiring in Calgary. This site will steer you in the right direction to get an electrician that will repair your wiring right….The First time.
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