Travel Podcast Release

We were excited to hear that PodcastSL was released this week.  This is a site that takes stories from the top travel bloggers on earth, and they voice them.  This is targeted for people who are on the go.  They can just download them from Soundcloud, where they are hosted.

Sounds like a novel idea to me, as there are times where I just want to listen to a podcast instead of sitting there and reading them.

At launch, there are on travel stories currently on the site, and there is some variety for you.  There are stories about Couchsurfing, going to Belize, traveling to Santorini, and one of my favorites, weird foods from around the world.  Did you know that people actually DRINK frog juice?

For all of the would-be travelers out there, this is an interesting concept.  I say this because you can sample many different blog sites without performing an exhaustive search.  PodcastSL aggregates all of the best stories (according to them) and offer them in manageable bite sized chunks.

Here’s a funny story.  According to the initial blog post, Keith – the site owner – send out emails to several of the bloggers.  The first response he received was an emphatic NO, so he was questioning the usefulness of the site.  Then there responses started to roll in and most of them were positive.  This is why you definitely have to get a random sample to test the validity of the idea.

If you have some free time, and you are interested in traveling, this may be a good resource to give you ideas on your next trip.

Click here to visit PodcastSL

Keith is also available for hire.  He will perform your voice over work if you need that, and apparently he has a YouTube channel dedicated to music.  He has a weekly show, so you can check that out here.